Mistletoe 5v5 Tournament

Mistletoe 5v5 Tournament

Saturday, December 12th Challenge Soccer Club is hosting a 5v5 event at Burroughs Park for boys and girls teams from Challenge, Challenge United and Cy-Fair Dynamos teams. The coaches wanted to provide an event that's a fun end of season event for free. Coaches have been working hard to build fields, set-up goals and make the weekend fun for everyone.

We ask everyone to continue to follow Covid protocols and either social distance and or wear a mask when social distancing isn't possible. 

We do not have refs or awards.  The coaches will ref the games and assist the players with game management.  We want to see the players take the lead and manage the game.  Coaches will assist where they need to.  Scores will be kept and standing updated as the day goes on.  


TEAM BENCH AREAS: Since we don't have enough tents or benches for every field we recomend players bring their own chair to sit in.

PARENT SIDELINES: In most cases parents will sit on a sideline off the big field.  Fields are in being built in the 4 corners of the fields.  On fields 1 and 5 we are building 3 fields on each of those fields.  Parents watching the game on the middle field will need to sit behind the goal.  Setting up tents and areas to hang out between games is not a problem as long as it is off the fields.

PARENT SUPPORT:  Please support all players and coaches.  Cheer on the players, but do not coach or ref the games.


FIFA Rules Apply if Not Modified Below

AGE GROUPS/FORMATS OF PLAY: U9-U15 teams will play 5v5

NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  5v5 teams will play 4 on the field plus a goalkeeper.

SUBSTITUTIONS:  Can occur on the fly as long as a player clearly exits the field before the other player enters.  Like hockey. 

EQUIPMENT: All players must wear shin guards. Any player without shin guards will not be permitted to play.

GOAL BOX:  There is one box in front of each goal.  This is the area a keeper can use their hands.  Goal kicks will be taken anywhere in the area.

GAME DURATION: The game will consist of two 14 minute halves separated by a 2 minute halftime period. Games tied after regulation play shall end in a tie, except for Playoffs which will be a 3 minute Golden Goal period followed by a Shootout.

OFFSIDES: There is NO offsides.

FIVE YARD RULE: In all dead ball situations, defending players must stand at least 5 yards away from the ball.

HEADING:  No heading for U9 through U11 games.  If someone heads the ball, and indirect kick will be given for the opposing team. 

KICK-INS: The ball will be kicked into play from the sideline. No throw-ins. Ball must stay below waist high for U11 and Academy on kick ins and corner kicks.  The ball is permitted to go higher for U12 – U15.

INDIRECT KICKS: All dead ball kicks (kick-ins, free kicks, kick-offs) are indirect with the exception to corner and penalty kicks.

GOAL KICKS: 5v5 format. Goal kicks must be taken from the “goal box”.

PENALTY KICKS: 3v3 A penalty spot will be in place eight yards away from the goal line. Normal penalty with kicker and keeper.

No, but all players must wear the same color team shirts/jerseys during play. Home team will wear dark and the away team wear white.  We realize some teams made jerseys for the event.  If there is not a conflict, no one needs to change.  If there is a conflict, the team not wearing the correct color needs to change.  We recommend teams bring their either their yellow and blue training tops or their red and white jerseys to deal with conflicts. 

5v5:  Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Players, coaches and spectators are expected participate with good sportsmanship. 


·3 points for a win

·1 point for a tie

·0 points for a lose


·Winner of head to head.

·Goal Differential  max of 6 per game. 

·Max goals

·Least goals


Groups of 3:  U9 boys:  Teams will play 2 group games and the top 2 teams will advance to the finals.

Group of 4:  Teams will play a round robin and the top two teams based on points will play in the final.

Group of 5:  Teams will play 4 group games and the Champions will be determined by points.  No finals.

Group of 6:  Teams are divided into 2 Brackets of 3.  Group A teams play Group B teams in the 3 bracket games.  All games are crossover games.  The top 2 teams based on points regardless of group will advance to the final.

Group of 8:  Teams are divided into 2 brackets of 4.  Each bracket will play 3 group games.  The winner of Bracket A based on points will play the winner of bracket B based on points in the final.