Check-In Information

U15-U19 teams will check-in online through Total Global Sports (TGS). The deadline to complete online check-in is 5pm (CST) on Friday, May 20th. No exceptions!

U10-U14 treams will check-in at the Tournament Headquarters tent at Lindsay/Lyons Park.

The following items are required for check-in:
-Official Roster (US Club Soccer or US Youth Soccer) or Event Roster: with all players that will be playing listed on the roster - including guest players - can be written in.

-Medical Release Forms for all players (do not have to be notarized)

-Player & Coach ID Cards

-Permission to Travel (if applicable) - US Club Soccer teams do not need a permission to travel. US Youth Soccer teams need to contact their state association and find out if you need one. If they deny your application it does not prevent you from attending our event. We have purchased additional insurnace to cover all US Youth Soccer teams attending our US Club Soccer event.

Questions? Email