Club Dues

U11-U19 Teams: $2300
Aggieland Teams: $2050
ECNL Teams: $1950




What's included in the fees? For all U11-U19 teams and all Aggieland teams the fees include the following: 2-week Pre-Season Camp, Friendly Events, *4 Tournaments, Staff Travel, 3 Training Sessions per Week, Game Fees, Cup Play Fees, Player Registration, League Administration and Club Administration.

*Fees will cover 5 tournaments for U11-U14 teams

What is not included in the fees? Player travel expenses (hotel, meals, transportation), additional tournaments, team related expenses (optional) such is tent, bench, etc., uniforms.

Why are some programs less expensive than others? Our programs have different costs associated with them. What is included in each program can also be different. For example, the ECNL fees are lower but their fees don't include the costs associated with tournaments/national events they are required to attend. 

What if my child decides to quit the team? When a player is selected to a team they are expected to make a year-long commitment to the team. Once a player has been placed on a team and she is registered in our Demosphere Registration & Payment System the family is required to pay all Club Dues for the year in full. Quitting the team does not mean you can stop paying the Club Dues you agreed to pay when you registered. 

What if my child gets injured? Do I still have to pay Club Dues? The short answer is yes, if your child is injured you still have to play Club Dues. We can't stop payments or prorate payments every time a player is injured or is out. That being said, for long term injuries we will work with families to do what's right given the situation. A long term injury would be one where your daughter is unable to participate for 3 or more months.

How do I make payments? Challenge Soccer Club requires all families to pay by either Credit or Debit Card. Your card on file in the system will be billed every 30 days in accordance with when the player registered. The billing will stop when all dues for that player are paid.